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Week 7 NFC East Preview: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants


Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

The banged up Dallas Cowboys are coming off a much needed bye week.  The Cowboys will still be without the services of offensive stars Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, so they still have no offensive punch.  No playmakers, no points.   The NY Giants must be in a hellafied haze.   Eli Manning was a turnover machine in an atrocious outing in Philadelphia.  After a perfect start and opening drive TD, Manning could not get out of his own way repeatedly tossing the ball to the Eagles’ secondary.  Manning had been pretty good protecting the ball in their first 5 games.  A couple of well documented clock management errors has been the difference between the Giants’ current record 3-3 or what could have been 5-1.  Revenge and second chances should be on the mind of the Giants.


In their season opening thriller, The Tony Romo led Dallas Cowboys took advantage of the NY Giants’ inability to finish a game and run off under 2minutes of game clock.  Romo led the Cowboys on a 6 play 72 yard game winning drive.   Eli Manning was not bad as he completed 20-36 passes for 193 yards.  He played efficient, mistake free football.  Good enough to win, but they were not smart enough to win.  The Cowboys held human highlight Odell Beckham Jr to 5 catches, and the offense put up 27 points.

Well, a lot has changed in 6 weeks.  Dez Bryant was injured in the opener, and Tony Romo was injured the next week.  The loss of 2 players has rendered the Cowboys to be the absolute worst offensive team in the NFL.  The defense can be dominating with Greg Hardy rushing the passer, but the offense can’t keep the defensive off the field.  Three and out is the offensive motto for the Cowboys.  If the Giants can rush for 100 yards and Eli Manning can protect the ball, the Giants should have a nice, hard fought, home win.  Even if the Giants can’t, the Cowboys will need multiple offensive miracles, and a real belief in their dominating offensive line to have a chance.  That miracle ain’t happening, and the Cowboys do not have the offensive patience.




By www.fanzonecoverage.com  Staff Writer

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