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Week 5 NFC East Preview: San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants


San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants

The Giants are on a 2 game win streak.  They should be 4-0, but some early season jitters caused them to make some costly bad decisions.  They could not kill the clock in their first two games, so they ended up blowing two games.  Tom Coughlin and his staff have righted their ship and seem to be headed  in the right direction.  Eli Manning has been consistent not spectacular, but has he ever been more than that? Manning is a winner.  Colin Kaepernick is spectacular.  Unfortunately, Kaepernick is not consistent.  He is a nightmare in fantast football, and he is a nightmare to 49er nation.  Will he run and pass this week?  Will he hit open receivers this week?  Will he show up?


The Giants are a very good football team.  Aside from the late game blunders in the first 2 games, they are very sound on defense, and they are very good on offense.  The defense needs to find more pass rush, because the secondary is good enough to contain people. The offense has to find a consistent running game to compliment the passing of Manning and the outrageous talent of Odell Beckham Jr.  The 49ers are travelling across the US for the second time in the early 2015 season.  Fortunately, they play at night 8:30 EST (5:30 EST).  The 49ers have a very good offensive line, and they show signs of life in the running game with Carlos Hyde, but the 49ers do not have the firepower to match the Giants.  Vernon Davis is out, so …….Look for the Giants to pounce and really put it into high gear.



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