Dallas Cowboys

Week 5 NFC East Preview: New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys


New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Tony Romo led Dallas Cowboys have to be the unluckiest team in the world.  Well, Romo is still hurt, and ain’t leading them.  Brandon Weeden is the leader, and he does not have anywhere to throw the ball.   I stand corrected, he doesn’t have ANYONE to catch the ball.  Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley are the #1 and #2 receivers.   With all due respect, they are at best #3 receivers.  Now, many have done more with less, but Brandon Weeden is not Tom Brady….Brady?  Brady is coming to Dallas!  As if he needs any more motivation, Brady is playing like a man possessed.   Brady has a chip on his shoulder, and right now, he can’t be stopped.  Cowboys’ faithful, take a deep breath.


There is no way to sugar coat it for Dallas Cowboys’ fans.  New England is the defending Super Bowl, they are disciplined, well coached, hungry, and playing with an unwavering purpose.  Dallas is beat up.  Greg Hardy will play in his first game in two years and Sean Lee returns from concussion.  They will have huge responsibilities trying to stop the best QB in football and the best TE in the game.  Who will rush and who will cover?  The Cowboys’ offense has to pound the ball.  It is becoming cliché, but the Cowboys have to realize who the hell they are until Romo and Dez Bryant come back.  Dallas has the best offensive line in the NFL.  They need to take advantage of it, and run the ball.  The Patriots D is good and well disciplined, but they don’t do anything incredibly well.  They are consistent, but can be roughed up.  But, the Patriots have Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and a playing with a purpose.



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