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The Player’s Perspective: How Did The Panthers Beat The Colts?


The Carolina Panthers beat the Indianapolis Colts 29-26 in overtime this past Monday night. The game can best be described by Panthers’ tight end Greg Olsen who said, “It was a fight and it wasn’t pretty.” “The first half was a mess.” The game wasn’t pretty because of the steady rain and the seven turnovers. Because of the rain both teams had trouble moving the slippery ball on offense. Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Cam Newton struggled throughout the night by combining for five of the seven turnovers. But both quarterbacks came through for their team in crunch time. Newton was able to move the ball with his improv skills and running ability. And Luck rallied the Colts from 17 points down in the 4th quarter to take the game into overtime.

The two teams exchanged field goals in overtime but then someone decided to show off their ball skills. And that someone was Panthers’ linebacker Luke Kuechly. Roman Harper deflected Andrew Luck’s pass to Coby Fleener and Luke came up with the interception. This was redemption for Luke because of the interception he dropped earlier in the game. Luke made this interception sound easy when he said, “That ball that Roman tipped, you know kind of just laid up there for me.”

After that interception at the Colts 39 yard line, Cam Newton and the Panthers were able to get a few more yards for kicker Graham Gano. This kick would be the game winner and it didn’t help that Newton whispered in his ear, “Just a little bit of pressure.” But even with all of the pressure Gano made the 52-yard field goal and the Panthers remain perfect. Gano has been waiting a long time to have one of these moments in Carolina.

The Panthers are now sitting at 7-0 and have reached their win total from last season. But why is this team different from last season?

Roman Harper: “We’re finding ways to win games.” “When last year we were finding ways not to win games.” “It really shows how we’ve really grown as a team.”

Cam Newton: “It wasn’t pretty, we know that.” “We know that we have to be better.” “But at the end of the day we’re one of the lucky few to be able to say that we’re 7-0.”


By, Justin Raymond, Editor

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