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NFC East Preview: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

Since the Dallas Cowboys lost Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, they have been horrible on offense.  Dez Bryant is back, but they are still horrible on offense.  Tony Romo will not be back this week, and what little running game they had was released with Joseph Randle earlier in the week.   The Cowboys have stayed in the headlines, because someone released photos from Greg Hardy’s previous case.  The defense has been very good, but they don’t need this unwanted attention.  o matter how atrocious Hardy may have been in the past, the case does not need to be played out, again.  f he is going to get a 2nd chance, do so and move on.  The Cowboys will learn soon enough, you can’t win with losers.  Karma is a S.O.B.  Speaking of Karma, the Cowboys’ last win was against the Eagles.  The Eagles head into Dallas fresh off a bye week, but they had to simmer and reflect on a loss to Carolina two weeks ago.  Which Eagles team is headed to Dallas?  The explosive Eagles with the stifling D, or the lackluster O with the confused D?  Your guess is as good as anyone’s.  This is a big rivalry game, so it will be hard hitting and at times chippy.


The Dallas Cowboys are at home, and they are desperate for a win.  The defense will be dominate, and I expect Greg Hardy to play with a massive chip on his shoulder.  This is Matt Cassel’s 2nd start and the 2nd game back for Dez Bryant.  The offensive should be a little more consistent.  If Darren McFadden can carry the load, the Eagles will have their hands full.  But, the Eagles aren’t a pushover.  DeMarco Murray is returning to Dallas with a chip on his shoulder, and he remembers being shut down in week 2.  Expect a big game on the ground.  Can the Eagles’ O-ljne protect Sam Bradford?  Better yet, can Bradford protect the ball?  The Eagles’ defense will feed off of the offense.  If the offense gets going, the defense will be all over the Cowboys’ offense.  Then again, the Cowboys’ offense is in self check.   The Cowboys are really bad!!  But, so are the Eagles  Pick the Home team.



By, Justin Raymond, Editor

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